Additional modules

Fiona has many features included, but you can extend our festival management software with even more functions. Add one of the following additional modules to further customize Fiona to your needs.

Film market scheduler module

Does your festival organize a film market or a film forum? Then you probably deal with a lot of manually scheduled appointments. With our film market scheduler, we offer an automated planner for one-on-one meetings.

This is one of our additional modules. It allows you to plan 1000+ appointments in an instant. Those appointments are planned, based on meeting requests by projects and participants. To start, set up the appointment conditions (like slots, durations, blocked periods). Prioritize your participants and just push the button: Fiona does the job for you.

Even when your professional guests are not able to visit your festival, you can set up appointments: Fiona now offers the possibility to schedule online meetings. As a participant of an online appointment, just hit the button and you’re entering your virtual meeting.

  • Automated 1-on-1 meeting planner

  • 1000+ appointments in an instant

  • Schedule online meetings

  • Setup appointment conditions (like slots, durations and blocked periods)

  • Use entry forms to collect meeting requests

Form designer module

Do you want the possibility to add and edit forms yourself? With our form designer module, you can develop any form you need to reach your target audiences. This module simply gives you more flexibility and freedom.

With the form designer module, you can expand Fiona’s default forms or configure new forms, exactly the way you need them – either it is for your online film submission, guest accreditation, volunteer applications, or group events.

Last but not least, as a service to your film professionals, you can use pre-filled forms to minimize their effort, and for you, to be sure that their contact details are up to date.

  • Expand default forms

  • Configure new forms to reach specific target groups

  • Complete control over your entry processes

Invoicing module

Do you want to fully manage your own invoicing? With our invoicing module, you are able to collect online payments and you can create your own invoices for fees associated with entries and accreditations. After someone submitted a form, an invoice will be sent automatically.

Also, you can create your own (combined) invoices manually and send a payment link by email. This module helps you to keep track of payments, and sends reminders if necessary.

All online payments made in our module are secure and carefully handled by either Adyen, Mollie, or Braintree – together we pick the provider that fits your invoicing amount and preferred payment methods best.

  • Collect online payments

  • Keep track of payments

Volunteer shiftpicker module

Why spend days planning volunteers (and get haunted by endless change requests), when volunteers can schedule themselves? With this volunteer shiftpicker module, selected volunteers are allowed to pick their own shifts online. Based on their assigned position, volunteers can choose from available shifts, that suits them best.

You are in control of the conditions, like a minimum amount of shifts to choose from. Fiona checks these rules so the volunteers can only submit their schedule once all conditions have been met.

  • Volunteers pick their own shifts online

  • Set conditions for shifts and/or volunteers

MyFestival integration module

With MyFestival integration, Fiona connects with the “MyFestival” environment on your website, where professional guests and visitors can create personal profiles. By using this integration, you ensure that your guests (film makers, guests, volunteers) make a minimal effort to pass on all requested data to you. In their account, they can view scheduled appointments, invoices and more. Our MyFestival integration helps provide a seamless user experience.

  • Seamless integration of Fiona entry forms with your website and your MyFestival environment

  • View appointments

  • Enable purchasing tickets in your Festival App

Voting module

With our voting module, you can let juries, academies, or the public vote for the best film/actor/soundtrack/works. This can take place in several rounds. Not only professionals can vote, but the voting module can also be used for public awards. After the voting round is closed, the results can be downloaded. Only accounts that we set up in Fiona can do this, in a two-stage secure environment. The festival itself has no access to the results.

  • Independent and secure voting for professionals and audience

  • Set up multiple voting rounds

  • Creating (long) lists from within Fiona, or by uploading an Excel sheet with nominees

RSVP module

Our last one of the additional modules is the RSVP module. This gives you the opportunity to reserve a certain number of seats and/or tickets for a group of people, like a sponsor, or a partner. In Fiona, you can track how many of your invitees have RSVP’ed and whether or not they will attend with their +1.

  • For a show, you can reserve tickets for different groups

  • Easily keep track of how many invitees have RSVP’ed

  • Allowing your invitees to bring a +1 to a show

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