Everything you need is included

  • Festival programming

  • Film logistics

  • Guest service and CRM

  • Media and publication

  • Productivity boosters

  • Management tools

  • Volunteer management

Grow your festival with powerful extra features

Fiona has many features included, but you can extend it with even more functions. Add one of the following features to further customize Fiona to your needs.

MyFestival integration

  • Seamless integration with your website

  • View appointments

  • Enable purchasing tickets


  • Collect online payments

  • Keep track of revenue

Form designer

  • Expand default forms

  • Configure forms to reach specific target groups

  • Complete control over your entry processes

Film market scheduler

  • Automated 1-on-1 meeting planner

  • Schedule online meetings

  • Setup appointment conditions

  • Use entry forms to collect meeting requests


  • Reserve tickets for different groups

  • Keep track of invitees

  • Allowing invitees to bring a +1


  • Independent and secure voting functionality

  • Set up multiple voting rounds

  • Creating (long) lists from within Fiona

Volunteer shiftpicker

  • Volunteers pick their own shifts online

  • Set conditions for shifts and/or volunteers

“Thank you Fiona, you gave us our Christmas back. We can happily spend the holidays
with our family instead of working overtime.”

IFFR – Programming team

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