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When you work with Fiona, you will enjoy high-quality support and expertise. We find it important that your team can work as smoothly as possible, so we always act swiftly, adequately, and decisively. While implementing Fiona, we do this by providing training so that you can get to know Fiona. After that, you can rely on our support team and our help center.

Implementation and training

Before you start working with Fiona, we set up your Fiona-environment. We make sure everything you need is available and ready, to help you get started. For example, we help you set up some teams, smart overviews, and entry forms. After that, we’ll plan training shifts with you.

Those training shifts can be given on location, as well as online, or a mix. We will pick the best options for both of us. We’ll teach you how to use Fiona so that you and your entire team can get the most out of our festival management software.

  • We setup the basics of your Fiona environment

  • Training on location, online, or a mix of both

Customer service

Our customer service team has years of experience in both IT and event organization, so we fully understand the needs of your festival, even in the stressful weeks leading up to the festival. We are here to answer your questions and to help you find your way in Fiona.

  • Experienced customer service

  • We work with a ticket system to keep track of all questions and issues

  • Quick and high-quality support

Help center

Fiona is very comprehensive, so in addition to our training and support, we offer a knowledge base to expand or refresh your knowledge of our film festival software. Our help center offers tips, articles, and roadmaps about all features and functionalities.

  • Online accessible database

  • Clear explanations and step-by-step plans help you get the best out of Fiona

API documentation

We offer extensive documentation for IT partners to work with our (publication) API. 

  • Extensive API documentation for IT partners

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