An update from Fiona regarding COVID-19

Meanwhile at Fiona headquarters…

Due to the measures to counter the coronavirus crisis we have decided that the whole Fiona team will work from home as long as necessary.

Happily, technology does its job these days, so you can reach us by phone and e-mail. If desired, we could even make videocalls (actually, we’re more than happy to see other people than the members of our households – just kidding ? ).

Working remote with our cloud-based system

Moreover, your use of Fiona will not be affected by the current situation. In fact, we are sure that, thanks to our cloud-based system, Fiona will make it easy for you as well to work remotely. Behind the scenes we will continue to develop Fiona and we are here to answer all of your questions.

Need support? Fiona is here for you

In the Netherlands all events until June 1st are either cancelled or postponed. This also includes film festivals and other cultural events. It’s a tough time for the cultural industry and our thoughts are with everyone affected by the corona crisis. If Fiona can support you in any way, please contact us.

Let’s keep in touch. For now, stay home and stay healthy,

Fiona and her team

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