What to watch at NFF 2022

Starting today, the Nederlands Film Festival (NFF) will hold a 10-day celebration of Dutch film and visual culture. The city of Utrecht thus becomes a true hub for cinema fans, talents and professionals alike! You can (of course) attend film screenings, but you can also enter Storyspace. There are industry talks, conferences, parties… Simply no reason not to make your way to the NFF!

Still from White Berry, 2022.

When in Utrecht, make sure to check out these films and programmes:

De Ontmoeting (The Encounter)

Various directors

In this programme of short films, you’ll see many different characters trying to connect with and challenge one another; The son trying to comfort his grieving father; The girl daring her timid friend to poledance; The man with a disability, attempting to overcome his insecurities. De Ontmoeting consists of 8 films, all telling the story of people dealing with their deepest emotions.


dir. by Dwight Fagbamila

Still from Femi, 2022.

Since the pregnancy of his now ex-girlfriend, Dennis (21) is beset by feelings of guilt concerning his Nigerian father’s death sixteen years ago. Plagued by nightmares about the lake his dad drowned himself in, he wants to move back in with his mother. The imminent birth of his first child is likely the cause of his anxieties. In Femi, a voodoo curse seems to be the only way for Dennis to cast off this burden.

This film is shown with English subtitles.

White Berry

dir. by Sia Hermanides

In White Berry, we see Grace (17). She’s a Burundian girl with albinism, trying to hold her own at her school in Rotterdam. In her final year, Grace meets dancer Kya and her entourage. A new world opens up to her. For Grace, Kya is the personification of her blackness and African identity. How far will Grace cross her boundaries to meet expectations?

Met Mes

dir. by Sam de Jong

Still from Met Mes, 2022.


Game show host Eveline wants to lead a more meaningful life. Yousef wants to have the cool sunglasses his classmates have. Their paths cross when Yousef, incited by his friends, steals Eveline’s brand new camera. When reporting the crime, Eveline exaggerates and says she was threatened with a knife. So, what starts as a little lie sparks a chain reaction of consequences. Met Mes is a visually striking tragedy, full of irony.

Make sure to check out the full programme here! All (edited) synopses and images were taken from the website of NFF.

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