What's next for your festival?

Fiona’s film festival management software has powerful features to fully support your film festival. Achieve more with less and gain a higher level of control and insight.

Fiona enables you to work smarter and more effectively while at the same time allowing you to benefit from new technological possibilities to improve your film festival further.

Our expert service and support make any implementation possible and deliver many happy Fiona users worldwide.


Keep track of progress

Make overviews of almost everything to keep track of the progress of the work to be done, at any time.


Intelligent scheduler

Keep up the pace by dropping films and activities on our intelligent scheduler.

Entry forms and invoicing

Entries and invoices

Seamlessly integrate our powerful entry and invoicing platform on your website.

One-click publishing

Media and publication

Publish your full program to your website, app or print designer with just one click.

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