Our 3 favorite films at IDFA 2020

The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam already started last Wednesday, but you can enjoy at least ten more days of their festival program. With their hybrid form, there is a lot to enjoy both on-site and online.

Currently, in the Netherlands, there are only 30 people allowed in a screening room. With IDFA Extended, selected films will be screened in cinemas throughout the whole country. Of course, we advise you to have a thorough look at their program because it is, again, enormous and brilliant. But to make it easy for you, we have put together a top 3 out of all 258 documentaries and eight program sections – so read on for Fiona’s selection help.

1. Gunda

The first feature film about animals in which the animals are not humanized. This black and white film takes you on an ordinary day on a farm and tells the story of the newborn pig named Gunda and the other pigs. The film has already been tipped for the Oscars.

Note: Gunda is not available online but is part of IDFA Extended. In 2021 Dutch cinemas will screen this film as well.


2. Nothing but the sun

IDFA 2020 kicked-off with the world premiere of this poetic feature film by Paraguayan-Swiss director Arami Ullón. It tells the past and present story of the Ayoreo people in Paraguay. They were once violently driven from their grounds by white missionaries and are now fighting for their survival.

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3. Acasă, my home

The Romanian director Radu Ciorniciuc with this film, previously won prizes at Sundance, among others. The film tells of the Romanian man Gică Enache who opposes his society and decides to live in nature with his family. Until years later, the government suddenly has plans with the area, and the family is forced to move to the city. It turns out to be very difficult to adapt there.


An honorable mention goes out to:

Doclab! Since 2007, IDFA DocLab has developed into one of the leading platforms for interactive documentary art and storytelling. DocLab experiments with new formats for digital live performance and interactive media art – resulting in unexpected, special events. From magazine-like evenings to multimedia performances with live music, culinary experiments, and far-reaching audience participation. In this edition of IDFA, these events take mainly place virtually. View the full DocLab program here!

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