Our top 3 films of IFFR’s February program

This year, the International Film Festival Rotterdam will celebrate their 50th anniversary in an extended, hybrid form. By dividing their jubilee edition into two parts, we can enjoy not one, but two programs full of exciting and daring films, young talents, and enriching events. No different from what we are used to from IFFR.

Apart from the opening film ‘Riders of Justice‘ – a Danish dark comedy -, we also compiled a top 3 of the rest of the IFFR February program (which was not easy with such a high-quality selection).

1. As we like it

As We Like It is one of the titles in IFFR’s Big Screen Competition. It is a modern version of Shakespeare’s story about Orlando and Rosalind by Taiwanese filmmakers Chen Hung-i and Muni Wei. All roles are played by women, referring to the original plays where only men were allowed on stage. The film takes you into the dynamic lives of Orlando and Rosalind and three other potential couples, looking for each other. All happening in a world without internet in the metropolis of Tapei. Meanwhile, all aspects of life pass by: love, hate, dreams, and deeds.

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2. Sweat

‘Sweat’ is a film in the Limelight section of IFFR. The camera follows fitness influencer Sylwia constantly: during the bright and dark sides of her glorious, idealistic life. She has a huge fan base, does everything for them, and works hard to keep them close. Until someone comes really close: her seemingly perfect life is shaken up by a stalker, with whom she has more in common than she would like.

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3. Tellurian Drama

This Indonesian short film is in the Amodo Tiger Short Competition. In 26 minutes, the film shows the connection between man and nature. With Mount Malabar in Java as the focal point, filmmaker Riar Rizaldi succeeds in interweaving a personal story with facts and historical events. For example, the Dutch colonists wanted to place modern means of communication on the mountain, while for the original population, the mountain is a religious place for communication and connection.

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Build your IFFR home cinema

Since anyone can watch the entire February program of IFFR from home, the IFFR team wanted to give you more of a festival feeling. So they have designed a DIY package to build your own screening room – inspired by the Rotterdam theater ‘De Doelen’. Download the DIY screening room here.

IFFR celebrates its 50th anniversary in two parts

The first part takes place from February 1st to 7th and will be held entirely online (and so, screenings and VODs will be only available in NL). This part is dedicated to the main competitions of IFFR, as well as to some previews in their Limelight section. Furthermore, a completely online program of IFFR Pro Days will be provided for the industry professionals.

The second part will be organized from June 2nd to 6th – hopefully with more on-site events and screenings. In between the two parts, IFFR will organize exclusively online content, such as the 50/50 Collection – a selection of 50 films out of all 50 festival editions -, and a small symposium about living film history and restored films.

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