Top 3 films at TIFF 2021

2021 is kicked off by TIFF, Tromsø International Film Festival. Due to the current circumstances, we are unfortunately not able to travel to this northernmost region of Norway, but it would have been magical to attend the festival. Think about it: the day the festival starts, on January 18, the sun has only been rising and setting for three days.

On this very first day of the festival, they will enjoy two hours of daylight, at the end of the week this will be four. So much darkness makes the ideal setting for cinema, right? But, unfortunately, due to further restrictions by the Norwegian government, all film screenings and events will now take place online, and their program will only be available in Norway. However, there’s a lot to keep an eye on. So, here’s our TIFF 2021 shortlist:


Ninjababy is the opening film of TIFF 2021, by the Norwegian director Yngvild Sve Flikke. The story is loosely based on the award-winning Norwegian comic book ‘Fallteknikk’. The girl Rakel loves to make one plan after the other, never not busy, always partying. Never a dull moment, until the point she discovers she is pregnant by a one-night-stand. A witty drama unfolds.

Attention: it is without English subtitles (although we hope that the subtitles will come soon because we too like to see – and understand – this film).


2. First we eat

This documentary is from the Films of the North selection – films in or about polar areas. First we eat is shot by Canadian filmmaker Suzanna Crocker. With her husband and three children, they start to eat only locally-grown, gathered, hunted, or fished food for one year. In this documentary feature, Crocker researches to what extend a family can live of the land, and how they can stay healthy and happy at the same time.

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3. Life without Sara Amat

Life without Sara Amat is the directional debut of the Spanish Laura Jou. The film is based on the novel of the same name. It tells the story of Pep and his revealing love for his friend Sara, who suddenly disappears. While Pep goes looking for her and, once back home, a surprise awaits him.

TIFF Industry

The pitching program, NORTH pitch, was already moved online. This industry program part will take place as an online workshop, where filmmakers can present their documentary projects. After the workshop, the projects are sent to a selection of decision-makers.

Winter Cinema

Winter Cinema is the only program section of TIFF 2021 that remains physical. This is a short film program, freely accessible, for kindergarten and school children. The screenings take place at the main square, perfectly framed by the snow and darkness of the winter.

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